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  1. Hi Ray,

    I am Jeff Emison, a former Fairgrounds Street neighbor. I stumbled upon this site and recognized your name and photo. I also “hunt” the cemeteries looking for family and maintain a family tree on Ancestry.com. I recently came across an old photo of my sister and your brother, Dan, taken in our front yard. They appear to be 10-12 yrs old. I still live in Jackson and work for IBM. I’ve been with them 18+ yrs. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and hope that you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. I was doing some searching on the internet to see if I could find some info on my family and your website came up. We have been doing a little bit of research on Ancestry.com and have some info. My father and mother were born in Bourbon County, Kentucky. My Father’s name was Richard Sparks Wilson, his father was George W. Wilson, and my Mother was Frances Settle Wilson, her Mother was Nancy Visscher Wilson. This gives you some names that may be of interest.
    They all lived around Mt. Sterling, Paris & Carlisle, Kentucky. The last address for my Mother & Father was North Middletown, Kentucky until my mother moved to California. I have information that the Visscher family came from Holland originally and settled in Albany, New York. There are Visschers still living there. When I entered my name Edward Visscher Wilson born 1932 the name Hofstetter of Mettmenstetten came up and so I was wondering if there could be a connection.
    I would be interested in keeping in touch with you in the future. Ed V. Wilson

    • Hi Edward,
      I am Connie Graves, the co-administrator for the website and related to you. My great grandfather was George Hon Wilson who was the brother of John Henry Wilson your ancestor.

      Yes, you are the same person that is listed on the Huffstutter website because you are a descendant of Ulrich Huffstutter. After receiving your note I went back and rechecked what was posted for your family. There were several errors and I hope I have corrected them. I would appreciate any comments or data you would like to share.

      Best Regards,

  3. Hi Roy, this is Jim Harnar in Portland, Maine. You and I exchanged emails a couple months back. I am an Allen and eager to connect around our family tree. I managed to lose your contact info and wonder if you would share your email with me. I am jharnar@maine.rr.com and 207-807-6646. As I mentioned, I am preparing to see my aunt Martha in Greensboro, NC, who is now 98 and in good health. I will be showing her some work I’ve done on the family tree and would like to pave the way for you to talk with her, if you wish. She has sent me some great handwritten info on the Allens. Her mother–my grandmother–was Mary Alice Allen, who died in 1978 in Warren, Ohio. Hope to hear from you! Jim

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