An August Road Trip

My Ohio and Indiana roadtrip two weeks ago went well. I was glad to finally meet fellow Huffstutter descendent, Janet Gagnon-Yerkie and her husband Jerry. She reminded me me that we have corresponded for over, well a long time. I was able to visit Pricetown and the Knupp/Rittman cemeteries in Ohio. I met a lot of nice people along the way who helped me navigate the backroads when I was lost, which was often. In Indiana, I spent the entire day with Marsha Belty in Harrison, Orange and other southern Indiana counties. We had plat maps, deeds and paperwork all over my car’s front seat and dashboard. She gave me some dowsing rods and a new gravemarker brush for use as we prowled the cemeteries; I was doing fine at badly overgrown Reep/Bethel cemetery until she mentioned snakes. Near Hancock Chapel, we knocked on the door of the┬árural home of Hugh and Evelyn Jackson who kindly invited us in where we learned Hugh was related to the Voyles. Evelyn is a member of the local historical society and shared a lot of information with us. The weather cooperated and the cell service was good as I needed Connie’s help often. 1500 miles from New York and a flat tire…but it appeared in the driveway at the journey’s end…perfect luck!

DNA Project launch

I did the cheek swab and now have my DNA in the Family Tree DNA database. My hope is that other males in the direct lineage participate in the U.S. and abroad as we try to tie the family branches together through DNA genetic match testing. Ulrich had 4 boys and 4 girls. The boys were John (my line), George, James and Matthew. John and George’s line used the the Huffstutter/Huffstetter surname spelling. James used Hofsteater and Matthew used Hoffstatter. Abroad, we are targeting Switzerland of course and Holland where two of Ulrich’s brothers settled and appear to have joined the Dutch army. Please pass the word and encourage any cousins you meet to contact me. Thanks!