September …a trip to Kentucky

Well, the month is almost over but it’s never too late for a monthly update. I visited the family farm of Sterling and Mary Ann Evans in Carlisle, KY on 9/13 and 14. This is where the Huffstutter cemetery is located containing the graves of Ulrich, Mary, John, the Wilsons, Sparks and more. I was joined by the intrepid cemetery professional Marsha Belty and her friend Pam from California, who descends from the Sears line. It was my first trip in 13 years, since the 1999 dedication. The rebuilt stone wall, stone base for the brass plaque and surrounding wire fence are all in great shape. The final resting place of our family’s original ancestor is secure. It was tobacco cutting time (staking as they call it) in that part of Kentucky. Tobacco was curing in the barns, wagons were loaded and there was a lot of activity in the fields. Mary Ann’s daughter, Becky graciously acted as host and took us down to the cemetery in their truck. Marsha and Becky were the real stars of the day, plunging into the underbrush, cleaning and lifting gravestones. Marsha, Pam and I spent several hours Friday afternoon at the Carlisle Library, photographing marriage licenses in the Archives Room and enjoying our time with the ever-entertaining, Sherry Howard ( who still remembered me after so many years), Afterwards we split up; Marsha and Pam headed to East Union and me to Carlisle (city) Cemetery. The weather was good, the company was excellent and my chigger bites are mostly healed.- RFH