November…a new view

We’re growing daily; 3200 profiles are currently in the database. Photos, documents and more types of media are being added regularly thanks to the support of so many Huffstutter family cousins nationwide. We will soon be making some changes to the website. The first is a new photo link where we can better present individual, family and themed subjects into more expansive galleries. The visual presentation will be much better than we are currently able to offer on the Media page of the website and allows for more creativity.

Our first project is “A Huffstutter Christmas.” Please submit groups of 8-10 photos of Christmas gatherings past with the people shown, times identified and locations noted. The older the sets, the better. I will kick things off with photos of my brother and I from the 1950s; complete with a tabletop tree and tinsel! Our other website changes will be more subtle as we improve functionality so we can quickly see how our family lines flow backward and forward and how we relate to each other. It is important to keep our website’s framework in mind. That is, while we all descend from Ulrich, the primary lineage road map for us is either through one of his 4 sons or 4 daughters (Son of Ulrich or Daughters of Ulrich); 8 major family branches. The last change is administrative and involves data management to better secure our information.

I was in Indianapolis on business in October and had the opportunity to visit Crown Hill Cemetery where Harry Campbell Huffstetter (I329) is buried. I also stopped by Charlestown Cemetery near Lousiville, KY where David Hiram Huffstetter (I327) is buried with his two wives Ida (I357) and Lydia (I354) and one of his sons, Merrill David Huffstetter (I406), the first mayor of Charlestown, Indiana. Photos from these visits are on the website.

The DNA project is on-going, we could use a male descendant, a “Son of George,” to participate. “The Son of James” line appears to be down to 3 males. More on that later.

Remember “The Huffstutter Christmas” project for the new gallery and send in your photos.


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