December news

Well, I am a little late on this month’s post. I held off thinking we would be able to announce the launch of our new Huffstutter family photo gallery link. The technology gremlins ruled otherwise and we aren’t ready. As yet, we do not have a separate photo platform which provides the functionality our growing site (3600 profiles) requires. We’ll get there. We have added a new tab this month on the website strictly for death certifficates. Use the drop-down tab under Media. They are arranged by state. One item I am very pleased about is the pending formation of a non-profit association to protect the Kentucky burial site of Ulrich and Mary Hohsteter (Huffstuter at the time of this death). The small cemetery is not on the county plat maps or the current farm deed. It could be bulldozed and plowed under by future farm owners without legal protection. Fortunately, the cemetery is in the safe hands today of Huffstetter descendant Mary Ann Wood Evans (I571) and her husband Sterling. By having the cemtery added to the deed though, it becomes a designated cemetery which includes rights for reasonable family access should any new landowner arise. The first step is to have the cemetery surveyed which will take place next week (week of 12/9). We have identified a Nicholas County surveyor named Pat Darnell and begun the process. I heard from him again just this afternoon. We hope to have more on this next month including photos. Speaking of which, we welcome any photos, articles and information you can provide. Please pass the word.

Merry Christmas!