April – Sheep not Goats

DSCN1154This month I had the opportunity to meet and spend time with Lynn Hon at her rural middle Tennessee home. Lynn raises Jacob’s sheep. Lynn is a descendant of Joseph Hon, brother to Jonas Hon. Jonas’s son John married Ruth Huffstutter. Ruth was one of Ulrich’s 4 daughters. Lynn graciously shared her Hon information with me. I told her that the cram course of photos, pictures and stories had earned me a Master of Hon degree. Later, I sent a few photos of the visit to Connie, my partner on the website and told her about the “goats” before I realized my mistake. What do I know, I am the first generation born off the farm.

Great news about the Huffstutter cemetery in Kentucky, the gravesite of Ulrich and Mary Huffstutter. We finally filed the deed this month after 8 months of work. The Huffstutter Cemetery Trust now owns the site. My brother Dan Huffstutter, a Nashvillle attorney, successfully (and patiently) guided this to completion. The cemetery is now legally protected. Our thanks also to Mary Ann and Sterling Eans who continue be such dedicated stewards of our family heritage.

Prism, the visual history of the Huffstutter family at huffstutter.com has launched. We are live but still in the testing mode. Thehuffstutterfamily. com will undergo a make-over in the coming months too, as we re-organize the site. Ulrich’s descendants all come from one of 8 family lines, based on his 8 children; 4 sons, 4 daughters. A descendant is either a Daughter of Ulrich or Son of Ulrich. Each of the lines and descendancy charts will be individually color coded. The idea is to better understand how we relate within our own branch, to the other 7 and ultimately to Ulrich, our patriarch. Some of Ulrich’s 4 sons adopted other surname spellings and then you have his daughter’s lines. Given how large the site has become, a re-work was in order.


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