July/August – Reunions and Roadtrips

DSCN1443 Oklahoma roadtrip; From left, Torrey Huffstutter (I969), Edith Huffstutter (I1148), Delma Huffstutter (I1146) and Ray Huffstutter (I745). Ponca City, Oklahoma, 8/24/13.

I attended the Huffstutter reunion in Obion County, Tennessee on the traditional 2nd Sunday in August. Attendance is dwindling but those of us who were there had a good time. After lunch, a group of us crowded around a table which had old photos from the family of Hardy Voyles Huffstutter and Willie Farrar Huffstutter. There were excellent photos of their family and a few other Huffstutter photo gems in there as well. Two of the latter are outstanding World War I photos of John Melvin Huffstutter and Luther Marion Huffstutter. Both have been posted to the website.

On August 23rd, my son Torrey Huffstutter and I drove 500 miles from Memphis to Ponca City, Oklahoma to meet with the two living children of James Louis Huffstutter and Lillie Leola Clampett Huffstutter. They were Delma Louise Huffstutter Jackson (age 94) and her sister Edith Loretta Huffstutter Schreck (age 89). Their nephew Jack Godberson was there with his wife Carolyn who arranged the meeting. Jack was a son of their sister Jennie Catherine Huffstutter Godberson. We spent hours discussing the family and scanning photos. Torrey shot a 20-minute which we will edit down to about 5 minutes and post soon on Huffstutter.com. The sisters told about their family life growing up during the Depression and Dust Bowl days. Afterwards, we all went out to lunch. The sisters had burgers, fries and ice cream, delighting in their food choices. Delma smiled and pointedly told me she had always eaten what she liked and she wasn’t going to change now.

In July, I posted some great photos of Kathleen Mercedes Huffstutter Mahrt and her days growing up in Wyoming. Some are in color but even the black and whites are vivid. We are indebted to her grandson Randy Mahrt for sharing these with us. Sharon Stovall took a trip to Missouri and provided us with more photos and documents, only a portion of which have been loaded. Bobby Huffstetter of California contributed some family pictures of his family ranging from the 1930s until the 1970s. These slices of life make our ancestors live again on the website.

Also in July, I spent one afternoon each of 4 straight weekends copying data and photos of the late Ralph Huffstutter. I was surprised to stumble across Ralph’s outline for a Civil War book about the 27th Tennessee Infantry regiment (Confederate, Obion County,TN) from its formation in 1861 until its surrender in 1865. Much of the first part dealt with 16 year-old recruit Perry Huffstutter, youngest son of Lewis and Nancy Huffstutter and brother to my great grandfather, Adam. Perry served at Shiloh but died in October, 1962 from wounds suffered at the Battle of Perryville, KY. I plan to edit this manuscript and post it on the website. Perry’s service is ironic when you consider his other 3 brothers took the Oath of Allegiance early in the war and did not serve and his father Lewis, was a Southern Loyalist, meaning he stayed true to the Union. In fact, Lewis filed a claim against the Federal government for $125 for damage done to his farm by Union troops during the. It took him 20 years to collect but he did. His payment is listed in the Congressional Record.

I continue to receive frequent input and inquiries from relatives about the website. It is all welcome, this is a family project. Thanks for reading!

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