Memories of Huffstutter Farm

Jean and Connie on Huffstutter Farm 1947The other day I went upstairs to get something out of a closet. As I opened the closet door and stared at the boxes piled there I realized my mind was blank and I had forgotten what I was looking for. How many times have you done the same thing? So, while I stood there trying to remember what I forgot I noticed a large box labeled printer/scanner sitting way back in the corner. This was the printer that came with my “new” computer that is now three years old. I had meant to hook it up but never got around to it. Having still forgotten what I was originally looking for I retrieved the printer/scanner from the closet, pushed the box into the hall then down the steps to the living room where I opened it. After removing the protective wrapping I carried it to my computer desk, cleared a spot on a nearby table and deposited the printer thereon. OK, so far so good. Now to make sense of the instruction manual. That didn’t work so I tossed it aside and used my tried and true, do it myself method, find the cables and plug them in then push buttons until it works. It DID, miraculously, and now I am in business. Can scan old pictures to my hearts delight and travel backward in time, remembering.
First thing to do was check out the old, crumbling family photo album. As I picked it up outĀ  fell a white envelope with nothing written on it but 4 pictures inside of me as a tiny baby with my parents. Hmmm, wonder where and when these were taken? Bless my mother’s heart, she had written on the back Oct 1947, Billie’s. Well, that sparked my memory (finally) and I realized these were taken on the old Ulrich Huffstutter farm in Nicholas Co., KY. Yep, that was me in the photo bundled up in a snowsuit complete with bonnet even though there was no snow on the ground. As my parents first child and the only grandchild I had to endure “over dressing” for every occasion. Bonnets were one thing I was never without. I had one for every outfit, my three aunts saw to that.

Connie Daniels  Oct 1947, Huffstutter Farm, Nicholas Co., KY

Just in case some of you might be interested in this bit of family history I have included two photos. One shows the home of Edgar Huffstetter and if you examine the background on the other you can see a barnĀ  that is still standing today and shows up in some of the Huffstutter Cemetery photos. From that you can orient yourself to where I was located as I posed for the camera in 1947.
Well, that is enough memorabilia for one day. This little jog down memory lane led me to another reminiscence of a visit I made to the Huffstutter Farm when I was about four years old but I’ll save that story for another day.