Tough stuff

Ulrich Huffstutter was made of tough stuff. I doubt we, his lazy descendants, would have the physical strength to keep up with him. Consider his age at certain outstanding events in his life. For example, during the Revolutionary War he served as a Ranger on the Frontier of far Western Pennsylvania.  Part of the time he was guarding a fort and some of the time he was out of doors in all types of weather scouting and looking for Indians.  Reportedly some of the men from Bedford County helped to save the day for General Washington when they made forced marches across Pennsylvania to the eastern seaboard in order to come to the aid of the beleaguered American Army as it  faced  overwhelming odds from the British .  How old was he? About 48-54 years old.

After the Revolutionary War  he packed up his family and moved west from Bedford County essentially starting over in  Washington County, Pennsylvania.  He had brought his wife and at least five children along with all their belongings over a very rough road into a wilderness where they had to build a home as well as clear the fields of trees in order to plow the fields to grow food.  How old was he?  About 60 years old.

One would think it was time to sit on the porch, smoke a pipe and reflect on his life and family but not Ulrich.  Barely a year after arriving in Washington County he gathered his family and their belongings, loaded them in a flatboat and floated down the Ohio River to another wilderness area, Kentucky.  When he arrived there he was almost 70 years old and starting over once again. Building a home, clearing fields, planting crops.  What was his secret?  I sure hope I have just a smattering of his good long living genes.