The Journey Continues, birthdays and things

Bonnie Wilson Preisler

When I say “the journey continues” I mean the one that began in Switzerland when Ulrich Huffstutter was born 27 May 1731.  In a few days that will be 282 years ago.  WOW. The glow from the candles on his cake must be visible from outer space. Just in time for this occasion a surprise birthday present arrived.  Call it the fickle finger of fate or whatever but a  descendant left a “Comment” with some family info on the website and  Ray forwarded it to me. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

As the above photo shows Ulrich’s Journey continues. Let me introduce you to the newest Daughter of Ulrich, Bonnie Wilson Preisler.  Just like me she is a descendant of Susannah Huffstutter and we are second cousins.  We have not seen or heard from each other for 65 years.  That deserves another WOW.

Bonnie says she was fooling around on her computer and decided to Google her Dad’s name.  Whaa Laa what should pop up but The Huffstutter Family website with his family group sheet.  Now this is something Ray and I love to hear since our purpose is to provide “all things Huffstutter” to the world at large. Bonnie noticed we did not have complete info on her family so sent a little comment about it.  And there you have it.  The journey had gone full circle back to Ulrich.

Now for the rest of the story. Bonnie and I were born in the same year, three months and a few miles apart.  As far back as I can remember there has been a photo in the album my mother made of my childhood and on the back is noted “Connie and Bonnie 14 months”.  That cryptic memo means the picture was taken when I was 14 months old and Bonnie 1 year old.  Making a quick phone call to my mom filled in the additional info that the photo was taken on Bonnie’s first birthday.  WOW and WOW.  The journey had gone full circle back to me.

Bonnie and I have reconnected.   We are friends on Facebook, Pinterest and “like” many of the same things. The journey continues.