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ConnieHello, I am Connie Graves Cornerthe 3 great granddaughter of Susannah Huffstutter, youngest child of Ulrich Huffstutter and his second wife Mary Baxter.

Welcome to Connie’s Corner.  We are smack dab in the center of the universe with a window on the world that has a 360 degree view of past, present and future.  When we look back we document events that influenced the lives of our ancestors.  As we ponder today we integrate those past events into our present.  And, as for the future, we can peer into a crystal ball and attempt to see where the path leads.  Join us on our journey.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Your introduction is definitely a well-written invitation to the past and the future. Meanwhile, I enjoy the day and let my imagination roam the roads that wind around the countryside and in the narrow alley of this thing we call life, never knowing when or where that alley might end or simply disappear.

  2. Connie,
    I am doing some research and found your pdf online entitled “HUFFSTUTLER FAMILY OF HAMILTON COUNTY, ILLINOIS”. I have a couple of questions, what would be the best way to contact you? Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!

    • HI Brian I am contacting you in a separate e-mail. Look forward to exchanging info and learning more about the Huffstutlers in Hamilton Co IL.

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