The Huffstutter Family

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Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa



Latitude: 40.4025, Longitude: -91.3944444


Matches 1 to 28 of 28

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 COLKITT, Edwin  1 Nov 1870Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5649
2 COLKITT, Frank  9 Dec 1871Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5653
3 GIFFIN, Amanda Adaline  1 Mar 1855Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5567
4 GIFFIN, Douglas  19 May 1860Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5571
5 GIFFIN, George  Dec 1866Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5573
6 GIFFIN, Ida  6 Oct 1862Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5572
7 GIFFIN, John  Abt 1848Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5564
8 GIFFIN, Mary Jane  About 1853Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5584
9 GIFFIN, Peter  Abt 1859Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5570
10 GIFFIN, Reba  20 Aug 1891Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5619
11 GIFFIN, Robert  About 1858Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5569
12 HOFFSTATTER, Clarence  5 May 1914Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1556
13 HOFFSTATTER, Deloris Mae  6 Feb 1918Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I2654
14 HOFFSTATTER, Guerdon L.  21 Mar 1916Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1557
15 HOFFSTATTER, Hazel / Zaezel Mae  10 Dec 1920Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1559
16 HOFFSTATTER, John Wesley Elias  6 Aug 1889Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1271
17 HOFFSTATTER, Johnathan Harold  14 Jun 1913Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1558
18 HOFFSTATTER, LaVerne  15 Sep 1919Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1561
19 HOFFSTATTER, Rudolph Robert  19 Jan 1923Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1560
20 HOFFSTATTER, Wesley A.  3 Jun 1911Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1555
21 LUCAS, Charles A.  30 Jun 1893Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5614
22 LUCAS, Daisy M.  25 Feb 1884Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5607
23 LUCAS, Frank Edward  19 Jun 1891Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5612
24 LUCAS, Georgia Amanda  26 Jul 1895Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5615
25 LUCAS, Katherine F.  30 Apr 1898Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5617
26 LUCAS, William Isaac  25 Mar 1879Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5605
27 LUCAS, Zella Glover  1 Mar 1888Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5609
28 MCLANE, Mary Frances  9 Jun 1863Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1268


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BUTLER, Hazel / Zaezal Mae  25 Mar 1948Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1272
2 GIFFIN, Amanda Adaline  9 Jul 1942Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5567
3 GIFFIN, Isaac  11 Jan 1888Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5561
4 GIFFIN, Mary Jane  Before 1870Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5584
5 GIFFIN, Peter  Before 1870Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5570
6 GIFFIN, Robert  Before 1870Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5569
7 HOFFSTATTER, Clarence  5 May 1914Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1556
8 HOFFSTATTER, Guerdon L.  4 Nov 1920Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1557
9 HOFFSTATTER, Hazel / Zaezel Mae  30 Jul 1945Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1559
10 HOFFSTATTER, John Wesley Elias  2 Jan 1942Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1271
11 HOFFSTATTER, Johnathan Harold  13 Feb 1924Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1558
12 HOFFSTATTER, Mary Elvira  3 May 1889Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1550
13 HOFFSTATTER, Mary Jane  30 Nov 1894Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I944
14 HOFFSTATTER, Wesley A.  4 Aug 1912Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1555
15 LUCAS, William M.  31 Jan 1920Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5568
16 MCLANE, Mary Frances  23 Feb 1940Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I1268


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 GIFFIN, Amanda Adaline  1942Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5567
2 GIFFIN, Ida  1936Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5572
3 GIFFIN, Isaac  1888Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5561
4 HOFFSTATTER, Mary Jane  1894Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I944


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 GIFFIN, Isaac  1859Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa I5561


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Colkitt / Giffin  2 Feb 1870Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa F2185
2 Giffin / Molloy  10 Jun 1891Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa F2149
3 HOFFSTATTER / McLane  28 May 1886Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa F526
4 HOFFSTATTER / Starr  28 Sep 1940Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa F1046
5 Lucas / Giffin  16 May 1878Keokuk, Lee Co., Iowa F2147